Learn about me and my craft

I’m a freelance video editor, designer and storyteller who works across the globe. I don’t have an expensive film degree, but I’ve learned my craft by working on paid freelance projects and attending 2-years long courses taught by Oscar-winning editors. I’ve also won several short film awards and worked for big-name brands such as Reebok, Four Seasons, Stanley.

I prefer the term video designer over editor because design by definition incorporates intention, preparation, planning, while editing is often misunderstood as cutting and assembling only.

In my video design, I combine emotions, rhythm, and visual elements to create the story that projects the human experience to the screen. I try to influence the emotional reactions of the audience. 

This beautiful form of art requires communication skills, understanding of emotions and psychology, patience, investigating, listening to the rhythms, acting upon powerful instincts. All of which exists only with the editor’s active involvement in the world.

Learning to edit is a way to better understand humans.

You learn the rhythm of the world by interacting with it. So include movement and nature in your life. This will strengthen your sense for rhythm, storytelling and emotions.

Whether the goal is to entertain, inform, sell, or a mix of the three, video is the universal language that firmly connects you with the global audience.

I work with clients of all sizes, budgets and scopes. My process starts by getting to know you, what you stand for, and the audience that you want to reach This allows me to craft a a distinct visual strategy that channels your message in a way that resonates with your crowd. 

I refine and revise each project until the video accurately represents your vision in its entirety. Once you sign off on revisions, we put your story out into the world. It doesn’t have to end there, I can help with marketing too.